Hold Your Next Event in the Caribbean Without Leaving California

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Fun Elements of The Caribbean Islands are in all of us

The Caribbean encompasses over 7000 islands, islets, reefs, and cays. Fewer than 10% of the islands are inhabited, giving visitors an opportunity to explore the natural environment. Island living is not static at all, it’s lively and intoxicating with friendly islanders and diverse conversation styles. When you visit, you may be greeted in a traditional “twang” like “whoa gwaan”, to internationally recognized greetings like “hola”, “hello” or “bonjour.”

beachThe Caribbean islands are rich in culture and vibrant in color: from the turquoise seas and white sandy beaches, to the green forests with jungle-covered rocks. Its diverse cultural activities, friendliness and inviting serene feel add to a relaxing experience that’s uniquely Caribbean. The Caribbean Islands having a culmination of these things: tropical weather, beautiful beaches, rural activities, feeling of relaxation, and rich colors, make the Caribbean a highly attractive tropical paradise and hot vacation spot the entire family can enjoy.

Spices and Cultures Make Everything Nice!

If you enjoy spices, you will love the Caribbean cuisine.  The food selection can best be described as colorful, spicy, flavorful, and delicious. Traditional dishes include a variety of mouth watering choices:  seafood dishes, chicken flavored dishes, rice with beans, curry dishes, and more. Special blend of spices are used creating a distinctive taste per dish making it authentically Caribbean.

Just as there are blend of spices, you will find a blend of people on the islands. The Caribbean had it’s share of explorers in it’s path with thousands of settlers arriving from the Americas, China, Europe, and India. Most of the population though, came from West Africa during the slave trade from 1500-1800. The indigenous people of Taino Indians, Maroons, Caribs, Arawaks were thought to have died off by diseases and conquest by the Europeans. However surprisingly, it has been said that they can be found on the islands of Puerto Rico, Cuba, Dominica, St. Vincent, Jamaica, Dominican Republic, Trinidad and Tobago.

Relax Mon!

Explore any of the islands and you will find locals playing a friendly game of dominoes, cricket, baseball, fishing, laughing, and enjoying life with family and friends. No matter what island you visit, you will see that the Caribbean people find countless ways to celebrate life:  from Carnival in Trinidad, Junkanoo in the Bahamas to the Merengue Festival in the Dominican Republic. Throughout the year, come rain or shine, the islanders have ways to have fun living life. Islanders often say, “Why worry when you can live in the moment?” We cannot control the future but we can decide to live in the present.

Although every island in the Caribbean is unique, they share commonality in culture and laid-back island living. If you have not visited, island living is similar to the part of you that enjoy a stress free life. It’s relaxing “mon”.  Make your next vacation spot the Caribbean.

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